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Creating sustainable healthcare for the future

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The demand for health care services is rising steadily and we are facing substantial challenges over the years to come. At Mölnlycke Health Care, we take these challenges seriously, but we also recognise that they bring fantastic opportunities – to innovate, change and not the least – to create sustainable healthcare for the future.

We are proud to say that we work continuously to improve the lives of others. In order to really make an impact, we also need to make improvements inside our company. We need to create a healthy workplace with minimal long-term effects on the environment. That’s why:

  • we continuously work to eliminate any potential risks in the workplace and monitor safety performance at our facilities around the world
  • we are committed to a safe and healthy work environment that complies with applicable laws and legislation
  • we are focusing on improving the utilisation of working materials and thereby reducing waste.

Sustainable business isn’t created overnight. We adopt a long-term approach: combining our successful business practices with responsible behavior. By continuing to innovate our processes, our technologies and our products, we will also continue to grow, create jobs and make an impact on people’s lives. So that everyone can enjoy their own, extraordinary journey.

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 Sustainability Report 2013


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